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 VietWill - Tinh thần người Việt

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Registration date : 01/01/2008

Bài gửiTiêu đề: VietWill - Tinh thần người Việt   Sat Mar 22, 2008 12:01 pm

An introduction to the VietWill Team, what our goals are and how we plan for those goals.

Who We Are

A bunch of dedicated folks - Vietnamese and non-Vietnamese living in many different places - connected to each other by the internet, and by our passion for Vietnam.

What We Aim For

Defend the the lives of Vietnamese fishermen in the Eastern Sea and preserve the territorial integrity of Vietnam and Southeast Asia.

How We Do It

Model of the Campaign against China’s Aggression in the Eastern Sea (South China Sea)

The conflict in the Eastern Sea presently sees China increasingly becoming active in reinforcing its claims in the region through both violent and non-violent means. In particular, China has been very active in promulgating its position in the Eastern Sea in order to justify its illegal occupation of the archipelagoes of Paracel and Spratly, as well as its continuing activities aimed at gaining international acceptance of its claimed sovereignty over the islands. While China calls for joint development of the region and bilateral negotiation, it continues to assert its claims in the region and has indicated that it will not hesitate to use force if necessary in order to solidify its claims. China believes that with time, illegal occupation can become accepted, and its hegemonic ambitions in the region will be achieved. In light of this, it is necessary that an active campaign to resist China’s expansionist agendas be initiated in order oppose the tide of China’s power and influence in the region that are unfavorable to regional stability and integrity. Viet Will has decided that such a campaign must contain dimensions aimed at three different parts of the world community with the hope of informing, educating, and finally galvanizing support for positions that resist aggression from a country whose ambitions is to rise to superpower heights at the detriment of its neighbors in the region and in the world. The model may be briefly discussed as follows:

Tier 1: The population at large

It is necessary to introduce to the public, both Vietnamese and non-Vietnamese, the issue of China’s activities in the Eastern Sea in order to raise awareness of China’s threat in the region. Public awareness can be raised with bumper stickers that get the people’s attention and raise their curiosity in order to further inquire about the issue. A second method of addressing the public is through a flyer campaign, in which flyers are posted on university campuses, public libraries, and other venues in order to provide more information regarding the concerns in the region. A third method to address the world wide public is to build an English-language website that contains information on the dispute so that the public will have access to all the details concerning the dispute in order to help inform their opinion. Other methods are also being considered, such as, T-shirts for people to wear, and public billboards, provided that funds can be found to implement such programs.

Tier 2: The academia and professional community

Because the academia and professional community have great influence in forming public opinion, it is necessary to facilitate forums for discussions among experts on the issue of the South China Sea dispute to examine the arguments of the various parties and to look into the ramifications in the situation that the dispute remains in the status quo or gets resolved through the various methods that have been proposed. Papers and recordings of these conferences will become valuable sources of credible information for the public in order to attain deeper understanding of the conflict in the region. The results of these proceedings will also help contribute to enriching the opinions that are presently available on the issue, that heretofore, have heavily leaned to the side supporting the Chinese position vis-à-vis its sovereignty over the Paracel and Spratly archipelagoes. Information about these events and the results obtained from conferences and symposiums would be made available in the form of publications (books, journals, newspapers), as well as other channels such as the internet, television, and radio.

Tier 3: The political community

Information and evidence obtained have an ultimate purpose of being used to persuade individuals and organizations of authority in international community to affect the outcome of the dispute in ways that are possible from their position of power and influence. Access to these individuals and organizations will be made through letters, petitions, and direct meetings. The ability to get people and organizations who understand the implications of Chinese hegemonic ambitions in the region will be crucial to our campaign to resist Chinese expansionist activities that result in loss of Southeast Asian regional stability, as well as loss of Vietnam’s national integrity. Individuals that we need to make aware of the issue include American political leaders, Southeast Asian regional leaders, and other human rights activists who are concerned with China’s activities in this region and elsewhere in the world. Organizations that we must appeal to for taking actions include, first and foremost, the United Nations, the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN), and other organizations who aim to resist China’s aggression in the region and elsewhere. It is hoped that through international pressure, China will be more likely to agree to settle the issue in such a way that is in accordance with international law and would be just for militarily and economically weaker countries involved in the dispute.

This is only a preliminary agenda that VietWill hopes to flesh out further as the campaign takes off and receives the collaboration of groups and individuals who share Viet Will’s concerns. Contributions to this campaign in term of constructive thoughts, material and financial support, and personal time and energy will be crucial to its success and will be deeply appreciated.

Let's visit or to support to Vietnam

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